The X-Venture Zone is the designation given to a group of low-capacity rides that are not included in Lagoon's all-day passport. This means that if you wish to participate on one of these rides you will have to pay in addition to what you paid for to enter the park. The rides that fall into the X-Venture Zone category offer some of the best thrills found on the park. The rides that are currently part of the X-Venture Zone are Skycoaster, Double Thunder Raceway, and Catapult.

The term X-Venture Zone was first used in 2000 when Lagoon added the Double Thunder Raceway to the lineup. Double Thunder was built right next to Top Eliminator and had a track that ran over into the Skycoaster area conveniently connecting all three pay-to-participate rides together. So Lagoon decided to give the area a name and the X-Venture Zone was born.

In 2002 Lagoon increased the size of the X-Venture Zone by adding the Catapult to the lineup. They placed this ride up near the others on the north end of the park. This probably means that any future X-Venture Zone addition will end up in the same area as the rest keeping the Zone together as much as possible.

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