Tilt a Whirl

You want an amusement park or fair classic ride to go on? You can't get much more classic than a Tilt-A-Whirl. The fact that the ride is never the same twice has lured people for over many years. Sometimes your car spins frantically one direction and then switches to the other. Other times the car hesitates to spin and rocks the passengers a little before throwing them into a spin. It all depends on the weight of the passengers, the location of the car, and gravity.

It's amazing to see the lines form still even after rides like Samurai  and The Rocket  have been added to the North End. People still want to take a ride on a classic because it is well worth it.

Lagoon's Tilt-A-Whirl used to have blue and white cars and some red in the ride structure itself. If you look at the ride now it has red, yellow, and purple. Most people wondered when the circus came into town when it got repainted. Judge for yourself, but the colors are sticking for awhile.

In 2009 Lagoon dismantled the ride and rebuilt it for the season. It was gone for the first month and a half of Lagoon's 2009 season.