The Rocket

The Rocket consists of two different rides. A Space Shot (Blast Off) and a Turbo Drop (Re-Entry).

Blast Off starts out with the carrier at the ground. The car lifts a little as the ride prepares for launch. And then without warning the car is blasted upward 200 feet in 3 seconds reaching forces of 4.5 g's. Once the ride reaches the top the car is then blasted downward at 2 g's. Then the ride slows with air-cushioned bounces and brings the passengers gently back to earth.

Re-Entry starts out much the same way Blast. The car lifts a little to prepare the ride. Then the carrier is slowly taken to the top. It takes 20-25 seconds and the riders are given a great view. But it doesn't last for long. When the car reaches the top of the tower it is then blasted downward at 4.5 g's (faster than falling). When the ride reaches the bottom it is then blasted upward and slows with air-cushioned bounces.

When the ride was installed in 1999, Lagoon had plans of installing a third operating tower. It was going to be the tallest double shot ride at the time, but plans for it were held off until S&S Power could perfect the double shot technology. During that time Lagoon's relationship with S&S Power deteriorated a little and from what I heard last the Rocket will always be just a two tower ride. This is a small disappointment because the ride would be so awesome with a third working tower.

Any trip to Lagoon requires a ride on both Blast Off and Re-Entry. You won't regret the thrill. And even if the ride looks intimidating I still encourage you to give it a try.

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