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 (also known as Scaliwags) is a Kiddie Ride located at Lagoon, a favorite since 1986.

Ride Details Edit

Riders sit in single-seat gondolas that are each attached to a hydraulic arm extending from the center of the ride. As the ride spins, riders can move their gondola up and down by means of a joystick.

Theme Edit

The ride's gondolas are each styled to look like one of four creatures.

  • A ladybug wearing a hat and jacket with a corsage
  • A dragon wearing a cape with a "Z" insignia (Likely a reference to Zamperla, the ride's manufacturer)
  • A bumble bee wearing a top hat and a bow-tie
  • An elephant wearing a ruffle and a saddle

The center of the ride resembles a colorful flying saucer.

Name Edit

The ride has been referred to as both "Scalawags" and the misspelling "Scaliwags". Currently, Lagoon's official website uses the misspelled version of the name (Tipsey Tea Cups, OdySea and Musik Express are other rides at Lagoon with misspellings in their names). Scalawag is a 19th century slang term that means "Troublemaker".

Similarity to other rides Edit

Both the ride's mechanics and its elephant gondolas are very similar to Dumbo the Flying Elephant at Disneyland. Many ride manufacturers have built copies of Dumbo, and they are installed in parks across the world (Arrow Development built the original Dumbo ride). OdySea's ride mechanics are also very similar.

Gallery Edit