Putter Around the Park

For the 1981 season, the features of Golf Fun were replaced with miniature versions of Lagoon attractions and the name changed to Putter Around The Park. I have no record of what the original features were but at least two, the Fire Dragon and Puff, would have been added later on.

Players could give their golf ball a ride on the Roller Coaster, through a covered wagon, around the double loops of Colossus, past the swinging Tidal Wave ship and more. There were also holes representing the Midway’s Basketball game and a Game Time pinball machine. The last hole was a Skeeball game that collected your ball. Any player who hit their ball into the center would win a free game.

In Fall 2004, a rumor on suggested Putter Around The Park would be removed along with the Lake Park Terrace to make room for The Bat. This proved to be just a rumor when the course remained open and even received a big new sign at the entrance in 2006. That was the year Bulgy The Whale was moved north onto a piece of the course near the ticket building, changing the configuration of the southwest corner. Three holes were removed (#1 Fun Spot Of Utah, #12 Puff, #13 Merry-Go-Round), but it looked as though some additions were on the way. The names of each hole were removed from the score cards and three new holes were added. “Kontiki”, “Bat” and “Ruby’s Tubes” were the names on the signs, but there was nothing that resembled them in any way. The Kontiki hole simply had the cup at the top of a short, cone-shaped hill. Ruby’s Tubes is the name of the tube rental kiosk inside Lagoon-A-Beach making it an odd choice to be featured there.

In recent years, many of the moving obstacles like the Ferris Wheel and Tidal Wave were fixed in place. Soon the course was done away with completely. In 2008, a new kiddie ride was planned for the east half of the area and by October all that was left was the ticket building, the Skeeball hole and the old fountain. During Frightmares that year, the Tidal Wave, Ferris Wheel and other features from the attraction were among the pieces of “junk” in the Psycho Dave’s Junkyard walk-through. Some of the features are kept in storage while others rot away in the bone yard north of the park. When Jumping Dragon opened in 2009, grass had been replanted in the empty spaces where the concrete had been torn out. Two more kiddie rides, Tipsey Tea Cups and Red Rock Rally, were added west of Jumping Dragon in 2013. The fountain, which has long been used simply as a planter, still remains from 1962.

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