Pioneer Villiage

Pioneer Village is located inside of the Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah. Meant to be a “living museum", Pioneer Village is intended to make the history of Utah come alive. It was founded in 1938 near Salt Lake City by Horace and Ethel Sorensen. In April 1975, Lagoon bought the collection from the Sons of Utah Pioneers, and it opened at the amusement park in 1976.

Pioneer Village is dedicated to the pioneers of the 19th century who pushed their way westward in the spirit of religious freedom. Their day began with the earliest sun and did not end until sundown when all tasks were complete. It was said that they could handle a gun or plow with equal dexterity. Pioneer Village contains the mementos of these pioneers and reminds us of a time long ago. There are over two dozen buildings in Pioneer Village.

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The following rides and attractions no longer exist in Pioneer Village: