IQ Zoo

I.Q. Zoo was manufactured By: Animal BehaviorEnterprises – Hot Springs, Arkansas. it was located in Mother Gooseland.

When Mother Goose Land opened in 1956, it featured many different buildings and decorations depicting different stories from popular nursery rhymes. One of these was a pumpkin shell (from the story of Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater) which housed a refreshment and souvenir stand.

The photograph is from the 12 June 1961 edition of the Deseret News. The brief caption explained how it all worked. Kids could insert coins which activated flashing lights. The caged ducks and chickens were trained to respond to the light and were rewarded with a treat when they would “pound a drum or play baseball”.

These devices were built by Animal BEHAVIOR Enterprises (A.B.E.) in Hot Springs, Arkansas where the real I.Q. Zoo was located. Here’s a bit about the company’s beginnings as related by John Clowers, who has a special connection to the company:

The sign in the photo shows the name “Peter’s I.Q. Zoo” which was most likely a tie-in with the nursery rhyme the pumpkin represented. I don’t have any information yet on what became of this attraction or when it closed.