Over the years, Lagoon has had many different haunted attractions, but only a few walk-through attractions. The Haunted Shack was both. It was located where the Carousel Plaza food stands are today with the front of the Shack facing south near the Helicopters ride.

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You’d start by carefully climbing the stairs (which shifted up and down in opposite directions) to reach the second floor. Once you reached the top, you’d walk down some narrow hallways with windows you could look into and see various “spooky” scenes. An employee would randomly wander through trying to surprise wary and unsuspecting guests. Next, you’d find your way out front (seen behind the gorilla in the photo on the left) where a skeleton band played. Back inside, after traveling down more halls, you had two options to continue down to the first floor – either a very slick steel spiral slide or a regular staircase. On the first floor was the hall of mirrors which ended near a large imitation of one of those cymbal-banging monkey toys.

A former employee, shared this memory of an “attic” area accessed by operators of the attraction.

Another visitor recalls…

I don’t have a specific closing date of the attraction, but it would have been before the Carousel Plaza opened in its place in 1981.

The large gorilla (or ape?) which leaned over crowds from the top floor would later be used in Terroride as a King Kong figure with a city skyline painted in the background. It’s also possible that the smaller monkey with the cymbals near the exit of the Haunted Shack was once part of the eight-piece monkey band which played on a ledge above the Fun House entrance starting in 1957, but that has not been confirmed

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