David E. Sperry’s Model Train Museum

The David E. Sperry Model Train Museum is a musem located in Pioneer Village.  It contains dozens of model trains, most of which are from the collection of David E. Sperry. Sperry’s fascination with trains began in 1928 when he saw an electric train in a friend’s sandbox. From 1930 to 1934 he went through many catalogs and store displays in an effort to increase his collection. In 1935 he was hired by ZCMI as a model train salesman. Over the next sixteen years, he helped customers build their own train layouts both in the store and in their homes. He later joined the local and national train collectors clubs where he received the title, "The Repairman’s Repair Man."

The train museum is also home to "The Lagoon Miniature Railroad." Built in 1925 in Ogden, Utah, the engine was powered by coal and steam. Originally the train ran two routes: one around the northeast of the Carousel and then north of the White Roller Coaster , and one through The Midway and the picnic boweries. For many years the train was on display next to the Lagoon Lake and in 1974 it was rebuilt and ran again until 1986 when it was finally retired.

Just outside of the museum is the Union Pacific Semaphore. Built in 1920 in Swissvale, Pennsylvania, this style B lower quadrant semaphore was originally located in Nephi, Utah along theUnion Pacific Railroad line. It was used to signal trains to either slow down and pick up orders, or proceed to the next signal. It is said that the design of traffic stoplights were adopted from this type of device.