The Carousel is a ride located in Kiddieland.  It is Lagoon's oldest operating ride. Since the year it opened at Lagoon in 1906 until today, it has been entertaining guests of every generation. With the hand carved animals and classic carousel music, this ride provides the perfect amusement park setting.

Lagoon has done an excellent job in preserving this work of art for all to enjoy. This ride is one of less than 170 carousels that operate for the public. And because of it's age and uniqueness, it is truly a work of art. In fact during the fire of 1953, firefighters sent a constant stream of water over the ride to save it from burning.

Not much is known about the carousel in the thirteen years that it existed before Lagoon purchased it. And efforts to find records of it's location before the purchase have ended with dead ends.

The carousel has been restored a few times, the most recent in 2003 when Lagoon prepared the carousel for it's 110th birthday. As the ride continues to age Lagoon continues to ensure that this classic ride will be around for generations to come.

Although Lagoon calls this ride a carousel, it is in fact a merry-go-round. The different between the two is what is on the ride. Carousels only offer horses for riders to enjoy while merry-go-rounds have an assortment of animals and other types of seats.

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